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Memories of Camp Cody - Newspaper Articles
Camp Furlong and Columbus, New Mexico - 1916
Michael Kromeke

Camp Cody - This US Army training camp originally was called Camp Deming when it was established in 1917, located between the AT&SF and SP Railroad lines. The name soon was changed to Camp Cody to honor William F. Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, plainsman and promoter of a Wild West show, who died that year. More than 30,000 troops passed through Camp Cody during World War 1. After the war, the camp became the Camp Cody hospital complex, treating tuberculosis among veterans. In 1922 the facility was transferred from the Public Health Service to the Deming Chamber of Commerce. The Sisters of the Holy Cross managed the sanitarium until the facilities were destroyed by fire in 1939. - � "The place names of New Mexico" by Robert Hixson Julyan

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Pictorial tour of the 34th Infantry "Sandstorm" Division at Camp Cody located in Deming, New Mexico during World War One.

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